BTSync - How peer-to-peer may Simplify your Life


BitTorrent Labs has just released a new multi-platform tool called BitTorrent Sync. This tool may revolutionize the way we handle file sharing.

It allows you to share & synchronize in almost real time a folder content between multiple devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, ...) wherever they are as long as they are accessible thru a network.


BTSync is quite simple to setup and allows you to create a secured & distributed private network with whoever and whatever device you want. All synchronization job accross devices is done automatically in the background, using a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol. The connexion between devices is done thru UDP, it handles NAT traversal and UPnP port mapping.

This article explains some BTSync usages (smartphone on-the-air access, server backup, ...) and some BTSync configurations that will allow you to use BTSync anytime, from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet, ...).

You'll then create you self-hosted Dropbox or Google Drive replacement. Some huge possibilities are opening ... your main limit will be your own imagination !

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WM6 - Update your Treo 500 to Windows Mobile 6.1

Palm Treo 500

I'm the happy owner of a Treo 500. This Palm smartphone is very handy with its complete keyboard.
Mine is a SIM unlocked french version, with an Azerty keyboard.

The main problem is that the embeded Windows Mobile 6 standard edition is by far too heavy. It is really too much unresponsive.
So, I decided to look for an alternative OS to flash on the phone.

I found it on one thread of XDA Developper forum. It is an english Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM, where Office and WindowsLive have been removed. This ROM is incredibly responsive and fast.

This article will explain how to flash the phone with this new english Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM.

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WM6 - Configure a Windows Mobile Smartphone for SFR Illimythics

Windows Mobile 6

This article explains how to configure a fresh new Windows Mobile smartphone to work with a SFR Illimythics subscription. It will focus on the setting of a Palm Treo 500, but the same settings have been applied succesfully on a HTC Snap S521.

As my original SFR mobile phone (a LG KS20) was broken not even after one year and as SFR did not want to sponsorize any new mobile, I decided to get a Palm Treo 500 from CDiscount. This mobile phone was announced to be unlocked from any operator, it was matching all my criteria and it was quite cheap.

After receiving it, the phone was really unlocked as it accepted my SFR Sim card. I was able to give normal calls, but impossible to use any data connexion. Any internet access thru pocket IE would immediatly cut the connection with some message explaining that I was not allowed to do such things. Having a 3G phone in hand, it was more than disappointing !

Knowing that SFR operator is very restrictive about the data access, I started to tweak the phone for it to be accepted by the SFR network.

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